Write a short note on Macro Viruses.

A simple macro is series of programming steps that are stored in a single location. Macro allows automation of many actions with only a single keystroke. These can be embedded in the program files. Many programs, such as Word and excel allow you to record a series of keystrokes and menu selections and then save them to a file. This helps eliminate doing the same action several times increasing efficiency. Macro viruses created with the intention of fooling the user can deceive them in sharing confidential information. This information can be used by the Macro to damage the computer data or software. The virus using macro files are most popular as they are:

  • Easy to write.
  • Can infect more people faster as they exchange documents and data frequently
  • Can easily infect any computer capable of running Office and Internet

Macro viruses can corrupt data, create new files, move text, flash colors, insert pictures, send files across the Internet, and format hard drives. Macro viruses are increasingly used as transport mechanisms to drop off even nastier bugs. Macro viruses modify registries, forward copies of it through emails, look for passwords, copy documents, and infect other programs. Macro viruses can do a lot of different damage in a lot of different ways.

Example of macro Virus is Wazzo, W97M etc.

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