Write a short note on India and Bangladesh relationship?

Relations between India and Bangladesh were set on a different footings. It was only because of India’s active support and direct involvement that Bangladesh was carved out of Pakistan in 1971. Initial euphoria and spirit of bonhomie died soon and Bangladesh started suspecting possible economic domination by India. As a result it established close contacts with Nepal and Sri Lanka in the region and with the Arab World, the US, Japan, China, etc. outside the region. Many issues cropped up between the two like; infiltration from the border, migration of Chakma refugees, construction of Farakka barrage and distribution of waters. Bangladesh took a stubborn stand on many issues and opposed construction of barbed wire on the fence and refused to take back refugees. Transfer of Teen Bigha land was also a serious issue which was resolved in 2011. But Bangladesh continues to block transit facility to India to go to North-Eastern parts, called ‘Chicken Neck’ through Bangladesh territory. India and Bangladesh also claim jurisdiction over the sea waters in the Bay of Bengal. However, both the countries have continued dialogue on these matters. Bangladesh is a least developed country suffering from stark poverty and constant natural calamities further ravaging it. India wholeheartedly gave all types of aid to it from time to time. Bangladesh, however, could not contain the atrocities on Buddhists & Hindus in that country and also the rise of Islamic fundamentalists who flared up communal tensions from time to time.

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