Write a short note on Culture?

Culture is the combined result of factors like religion, language, education and upbringing. Culture refers to the complex whole which includes knowledge, beliefs, art, morals, laws, customs and other capabilities and habits acquired by an individual as a member of a society. There are sub-cultures within a culture. People are influenced by heredity, cultural experiences, sub-cultural experiences, family experiences and unique personal experiences. In any society, some cultural values are deep-rooted, they do not change easily and are termed core cultural values. There are also values and practices, which constitute secondary cultural values, they are most ready to change and can be moulded and manipulated relatively more easily. Meaningful information on the consumption habits, lifestyles and buying behaviour of the people can be obtained through a survey of the Socio-Cultural environment. Cultural shifts carry with them marketing opportunities as well threats. That is why close monitoring of the cultural environment becomes important.

Religion and language are two elements of culture. There are other elements such as education and upbringing. People have the freedom to profess the religion, language and culture of their choice. Many religions, languages and cultures actually co-exist and prosper in this large country. As a general rule, it can be said that the people of the land are traditional bound. And, these traditions also differ from region to region and segment to segment. This is reflected in matters like marriages, family life, rituals etc. When we speak of cultural factors in Indian society, we must highlight in particular, the significance given to the institution of family. In recent times, some changes are taking place in the cultural arena, owing to the increased exposure to different lifestyles, impact of the media, increasing industrialization and consequent mobility of population and the process of globalization.

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