Short Note on Counseling

Counseling is the service offered to the individual who is under going a problem and needs professional help to overcome it. The problem keeps him disturbed high strung and under tension and unless solved his development is hampered or stunted. Counseling therefore is a more specialized service requiring training in personality development and handling exceptional groups of individuals. According to Willey and Andrew Counseling involves two individuals one skeeking help and other a professionally trained person helped solved problems to orient and direct him to wards a goal which needs to his maximum development and growth.

Counseling services are therefore required for individuals having developmental problems because of the handicap they suffer in any area of emotional either because of hereditary factors or environment conditions.

Generally such cases are only about five to seven percent in a population and therefore counseling is required only for such a small number. As compared to guidance which is for percent of individuals. Counseling involves a lots of time for the client to unfold the problem, gain an insight in to the complex situation.

Counseling techniques involve active listening, emphatic under standing releasing the pent up feelings confronting the client and so on counseling there fore is offered to only those individuals who are under serious problem and need professional help to overcome it.

The purpose of counseling is to help the client to cope with a variety of problems and help to cope better in life. It offers an opportunity to have a more fulfilling life style. The purpose of counseling is problem clarification and self directed needs. It does not solve the problems but helps in solving the problems.

Counseling is not restricted to problem solving situations only. It is for helping the individual to achieve all round growth throughout the life. Counseling based on the reliable data. Therefore parents, guardians, teachers adn peers are included in this process who can provide a wealth of data. Besides these anxiety scale and self concept test can also be administers to obtain data. Therefore the scope of counseling is very vast.

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