Write a short note on Chat.

The word chat as it literally means in English is communication between two or more people. The electronic chat is the communication between two or more individuals using their computers. Chat is only feasible when both the users are on Internet at the same time. The communication occurs through typed text messages. Usually, this “talking” is the exchange of typed-in messages requiring one site as the repository for the messages (or “chat site”) and a group of users who take part from anywhere on the Internet.

The group chats can be ongoing or scheduled for a particular time and duration. Most chats are focused on a particular topic of interest and some involve guest experts or famous people who “talk” to anyone joining the chat. Alternatively two users can chat when they are using the Internet and the platform at the same time.

Several browser interfaces provide the chat facility these days such as Instant messaging, Windows, Skype and ICQ. With the invent of 3G technology not only text data but video data can also be streamlined at the same time

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