What are the rules for realistic goal setting?

Goal Setting is dynamic process where the person has to undergo many stages. Hence, for Career Planning realistic goal setting has very significance position. According to some experts the criteria for goals should be as follows:

1. Person’s Adjustment With Environment

If we wanted to identify the realistic goals we must know how person tries to adjust with environment, what is his concept of self, positive attitude, willingness for vocation etc. If all these criteria are good then the goals set before are good too.

2. Self-Esteem

It means Self-pride and accordingly people choose their career that may be higher or lower. Mostly, the people who choose for high profile careers must have self-respect and according to their hereditary qualities, interests, potentialities, strengths and weaknesses they do. But people who go for low profile careers have low self-respect and do not think of their inner qualities, skills in a positive way. Hence, it can be decided by how the person have self-respect and so are his goals.

3. Feasibility of Goals

The person should choose a career according to his financial resources, educational resources, acquired skills, attitude, aptitude, interests, competency, willingness to work, family background etc. and their feasibility in life. e.g. the son of a doctor and a son of a lawyer may become doctor and lawyer respectively are the realistic goals set before the person.

4. Desirability

One should able to attain desired success in the career or field that may be of economic, social, political administrative, scientific or spiritual etc. otherwise undesirable goals may create frustration, failure and distress.

5. Excellence and Success

The person is having consistently excellence and success in his career particular he has chosen and also that success reflects into his behaviour are said to be the realistic goals. Such people may engage into their own research, innovations, competitive attitude etc.

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