What is the role and importance of public administration?

In the modern state and in developing countries functions and role of Public Administration is very important. The role and importance of Public Administration are as follows:

1. Basis of Government

It is possible for a state to exist without a legislature or judiciary; but not even the most backward state can do without administrative machinery. The modern state cannot confine its field of activities to merely maintenance of law and order, dispensation of Justice, collection of revenue and taxes and participation in welfare activities. The modern welfare state is expected to provide more and more services and amenities to the people. Public Administration is the machinery used by the state to place itself in a position to make plans and programmes that can be carried out.

2. Instrument of Change in the Society

Public Administration is regarded as an instrument of change and is expected to accelerate the process of development. In our country, the government has undertaken the task of levelling down the economic inequalities, spreading education among all abolishing untouchability securing equality of status, rights of women and effective and all round economic and industrial development. The burden of carrying out these social changes in a planned and orderly way rests upon the Public Administration of the country. The success of Indian democracy will depend not only on the wisdom of the legislature but more on the capability and sense of purpose on the part of the Administration.

3. Plays Vital Role in the Life of the People

Today every aspect of human life comes within the range of Public Administration. Various departments of government such as education, social welfare, food, agriculture, health, sanitation, transport, communication etc. are run by the department of Public Administration. Thus Public Administration is rendering various types of services to the people from birth to death of an individual.

4. Stabilizing Force in the Society

Public Administration is carried on by the civil servants who are the permanent executives. Political executives i.e. ministers may come and go, systems of government or constitutions may undergo change but administration goes on forever. Hence, Public Administration is a great stabilising force in society. It is a preserver of the society and its culture.

5. National Integration

It is instrument of national integration in the developing countries which are facing class wars.

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