What are the rights of the Company Secretary?

Company Secretary is a senior level officer. He enjoys the rights as per the agreement signed by him with the Company. Some rights areas follows:

1. As a senior level officer Company Secretary can supervise, control and direct subordinate officers and employee.

2. A Company Secretary can sign any contract /agreement on behalf of the company as a principle officer of a company, subject to the delegation of power by the board of the company.

3. Company Secretary can issue guidelines for the employees on behalf of the company.

4. Company Secretary can attend meeting of shareholders and the meeting of board of directors.

5. During Winding up he can claim his legal dues as a preferential creditor of a company.

6. He can sign and authenticate the proceeding of meetings (Board, Annual general or extra ordinary general meeting) and other documents on behalf of the company where common seal is not required.

7. Company Secretary is a Compliance Officer and he has a right to blow whistle whenever he finds the conduct of the officers or of the directors of the company are detrimental to the interest of the company.

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