What are the responsibilities of Company Secretary?

Following are the responsibilities of Company Secretary:

According to Company Act

  1. To sign documents and proceedings requiring authentication by the company.
  2. To deliver return of allotment the Registrar.
  3. To give notice to registrar for increase in the share capital.
  4. To deliver share certificate of allotment within 2 months after transfer.
  5. To make entry for register of members of the share warrant.
  6. To send annual return
  7. To send notice of general meeting to every member of the company.
  8. To make statutory books
  9. To sign every balance sheet and P/L accounts in case of a non-banking financial company.
  10. To prepare minutes of every General Meeting and Board Meeting within 30 days
  11. To file a resolution with the registrar.

According to IT Act

  • To ensure proper income tax is deducted at source from the salary of employees
  • To see that the certificate of TDS is issued.
  • To ensure that the tax deducted is deposited to government treasury
  • To submit and verify various forms and returns

Under Indian Stamp Act

  • To see that the documents like letter of allotment and share certificate etc. are properly stamped.

Under other Act

  • To comply with other acts such as FEMA, Minimum Wages Act, Industrial Dispute, Employee State Insurance Act etc.

General Responsibilities

  • To comply with internal regulations and legislation
  • Duty to exercise due care and diligence
  • To draft director report
  • Maintaining the statutory registers of the company
  • Ensuring Board decisions are properly communicated
  • Registration of share transfers and issuance of related share certificates
  • Communicating with company shareholders
  • Safe custody of common seal
  • Certifying documents such as Certificate of Incorporation,
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Giving legal advice to Directors
  • To act as an information link

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