Relate some of the humorous incidents in the story. Which incident do you find most amusing and why?

The incidents related to uncle Khosrove are quite amusing. The repetition of his pet catch phrase, “It is no harm. Pay no attention to it,” causes humour whenever it is used in an incongruous context. For example, his own son Aram ran eight blocks to the barber shop where Khasrove was having his moustache trimmed to tell him that their house was on fire. This was a serious matter. Instead of leaving the place, he roared. “It is no harm, pay no attention to it.” When the barber explained that his son was saying that his house was on fire, Khosrove silenced him by roaring, “it is no harm.” At the end of the story, uncle Khosrove again became irritated and shouted at farmer John Byro to be quiet. He said, “Your horse has been returned. Pay no attention to it.” The incongruity is obvious. The most amusing incident is the conversation between farmer John Byro and uncle Khosrove when the farmer sighed sadly and bewailed the stealing of his house. Uncle Khosrove remarked. “It is no harm. What is the loss of a horse ?” John Byro tried to convince that his surrey was useless without a horse. Out came Khosrove’s catchword “Pay no attention to it.” This phrase is repeated when the farmer complained that his left leg hurt him. When John Byro said that the horse had cost him sixty dollars, Khosrove remarked, “I spit on money.” The incidents ends at John Byro walking out angrily, slamming the screen door.

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