What are the qualities of a Company Secretary?

Following are some of the qualities of company secretaries:

1. Accuracy

Accuracy means correctness. A company secretary must be accurate in his/her duties which include drafting letters, recording minutes, filing documents with government department and so on. Concentration is required for accuracy in work.

2. Adaptability

Adaptability means adjusting in changing situation. There is frequent change in government policies, management policies and so on. The secretary should adjust himself/herself with such changes.

3. Courtesy

It implies politeness and kindness. Since secretary has to deal with many people day in and day out, he/she should be courteous with them. This helps to create positive impression about organization.

4. Leadership

In order to get work done from subordinates, a secretary should have leadership quality. Secretary should have the ability to guide, advise, inspire and motivate the subordinate.

5. Loyalty

Secretary is custodian of secret information. He/she should be loyal towards the organization. He/she should not disclose confidential information to anyone.

6. Punctuality

This quality is related with time management and refers to doing things at appropriate time. Delay in work can create bad impression about the organization.

7. Cooperation

The secretary should be able to cooperate and assist his subordinates in their work. This will enable to achieve objectives of the organization.

8. Orderliness

It means doing the work in a systematic manner. Secretary should sort out more important and least important work. He/she should give importance to important work followed by least important work.

9. Personality

A secretary should have pleasing, impressive and winning personality. His personality can create cordial and friendly atmosphere in the organization. Pleasing personality enables the secretary to get respect from others.

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