What are the qualities of a successful finance manager?

The job of a finance manager is full of duties and responsibilities. He has to perform various duties connected with finance. In order to perform the finance duties successfully, a finance manager should be competent. He should possess the following qualities:

1. Personality is the sum total of physical and mental qualities. A finance manager should have a pleasing personality. Good height, good physique, good appearance would be an asset to a finance manager. He should be physically and mentally healthy enough to bear the strain of finance in an organization.

2. The job of a finance manager involves analytical work. He should have a high degree of intelligence to understand the finance problems immediately. An intelligent finance manager can control the finance properly.

3. A finance manager should take initiative in performance of work. He should do the job at his own i.e. without being told by others.

4. A finance manager should have vast fund of power of imagination to his credit. He should have a research mind which is very creative. He should be able to bring innovation in financial management of an organization.

5. A finance manager should have self confidence to face the challenges involved in his job.

6. A finance manager is a leader of financial administration. He should have an effective Communication Skill. He should understand the problems of his subordinates and communicate instructions to solve them.

7. The job of a finance manager involves decision making. He has to take various decisions which have financial implications on the working of the organization. He should have the quality to judge the situation and take right decision accordingly.

8. He should be honest in his job. Finance requires utmost honesty on the part of the manager and the subordinates also.

9. He should have an administrative skill to administer the finance function. He should be able to plan, organize, direct, control and coordinate the activities of the finance area. He has to see that the financial decisions are properly implemented.

10. A finance manager should be self-disciplined. He should be able to enforce discipline in the organization.

11. A finance manager should have patience. He should not take hasty decisions which have adverse impact on the financial health of the organization. He should listen to the views of others.

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