What are the problems faced by the elderly in India?

The Elderly or the Senior Citizens are the persons who are above 60 years of age. Due to decreasing mortality rate in India, the population of Senior Citizens is increasing. Some of the Senior Citizens are healthy and fit. People who are of 80 years of age are found to be still working in movies, dramas, offices and other such arenas of life.

However many Senior Citizens are retired from their service and they suffer from various major and minor health issues. Many of them are not looked after properly by their families. The materialistic nature of the society is getting it more and more alienated towards the problems of the Senior Citizens.

Following are some of the problems faced by the elderly in day to day life:

1. Decline in Physical Abilities

Back pain, Knee pain, decline in vision, hearing problem etc are common physical problems of the elderly. It affects their routine life very much.

2. Decline in Mental Abilities

The Elderly lack self-confidence and they develop a sense of fear in the mind. They face the problems related to the lack of short term memories while their long term memories are intact.

3. Financial Burden

During the old age expenses are likely to increase due to medical treatment for their health. Hospitalization and medical expenses are costly and for this the Elderly have to depend on their children.

4. Loneliness

The children of the elderly are busy with their own life. They do not have time for their parents. Moreover, the death of spouse or change of residence makes the Elderly more and more lonely.

5. Generation Gap

The values of the elderly and that of the young children at home do not match. The Elderly try to dominate the youngsters and many times they directly interfere in the matters of their children at home. This is not liked by the young generation at all. The children may either revolt against their parents or they may simply ignore their parents. Thus generation gap develops between them.

6. Crimes in Urban areas

Many elderly in urban areas live alone in flats. After their children are out of home they are alone and advantage of this fact is taken by the criminals. They make excuses and enter the premises of the building and they find out in which flat only elders stay and by making excuses they will enter the flat and kill the elderly for ransom.

7. Limited Mobility

The elders find it difficult to cope with the fast life of the cities. They are not able to catch a bus or a train nor are they comfortable in walking on the road. Thus their mobility is limited.

8. Inability to Adjust with Retired Life

After retirement a sudden decline comes in income as the salary is stopped and the elderly feels that he is a burden on his family. The elderly have to depend upon their children for their well being. If they have a good pension or if they had good investments then it is not difficult for them to handle the pressure of retired life.

9. Housing Problem

The housing problem arises if they are bed ridden for various diseases. In a metro city like Mumbai the housing problem are acute and the sick elderly have to face the brunt of it. They have to stay in one corner of a room without adequate ventilation. Even they are not allowed to meet with the guests or visitors.

10. Health Problems

Naturally if you are old then you have to face several health problems associated with old age. Heart palpitation, hypertension, asthma, knee pain, joint pain, poor vision, poor hearing, paralysis etc make the elderly a burden on the family.

11. Death of Spouse

In many societies marriage is considered as a boon to companionship and love. What a person needs to live is the unbounded friendship and love of spouse. However if one of the spouse dies living the other in the middle of life, then it creates a space in the life of a person. Death of spouse increases the loneliness of the elderly.

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