What are the positive and negative impacts of globalization on IT sector?

One of the factors that triggered globalization was the IT Revolution and since reforms there has been no turning back. Use of Information technology has taken over manufacturing and services sectors all over the world. It has provided employment to millions of people in tertiary sector. Outsourcing and BPOs have been responsible for a rapid rise in the annual domestic product of the country. In 2011 annual revenues from the BPO sector is estimated to have aggregated revenues of over 88 billion U.S.Dollars.

Positive Impact of Globalization on IT Sector

  1. The IT sector has truly achieved global integration through increased connectivity. It has cut across linguistic and geographical barriers making it possible for persons in distant nations to easily communicate with one another.
  2. It has enabled inter-mingling of cultures, exchange of opinions and ideas thereby creating strong bonds and reducing prejudices.
  3. Use of wireless phones and internet has made communication speedier, environment-friendly as it is paper-free and cheaper. Video conferencing makes it possible for people however far apart to engage in a direct interaction. This has enabled people to work from home, meetings to take place among many individuals even if they are in different parts of the world, etc.
  4. E-mails can be checked on phone; financial transactions can be carried out over phone; social networking sites are linked to phone to keep oneself updated with the events in the lives of our friends and relatives; all this has made communication devices an indispensable part of our lives.
  5. The benefits of Information Technology and communication facilities have spilt into various areas of business, health care, defense, environmentan and so on. The quick access to information has removed time lags in decision-making, increased productivity and cut costs effectively. It has made work less strenuous and salaries more lucrative.
  6. Technology has made it possible to buy and sell anytime from any place and have the goods delivered at one’s doorstep. Electronically markets can operate day and night because of the internet.
  7. A lot of new jobs have been created especially in the IT sector. For ex. Software programmers, Hardware developers, Systems analysts, Web designers and so on.
  8. Remote Sensing Satellites are used for various purposes such as land use mapping, drought and flood mapping, forest cover mapping etc. to study the impact of industrial activities, mining on environment.

Negative Impact of Globalization on IT Sector

  1. Increased computerization has led to overmanning and with efforts at cost cutting to streamline business processes a lot of jobs have been made redundant. This has aggravated the unemployment problem.
  2. Mobile phone have made people accessible at all times encroaching into their personal time with friends and family.
  3. Technology is dynamic and keeps changing on a daily basis which makes it impertinent for professionals in this field to upgrade their skills and knowledge regularly. Otherwise they face the risk of losing their jobs. Hence there is no job security.
  4. There are new forms of offences such as cyber crime and hacking which threaten to compromise the privacy of individuals.
  5. Exposure to western influences have led to certain cultures being imbibed and their lifestyles, language, dress and behavior being imitated. However, while some changes may be positive , this also brought in consumerism and reckless spending habits which are corroding the traditional value systems.

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