What is Personal Guidance?

Personal guidance assists the individual to adjust with psychological & social environment. It is to solve the emotional & psychological problems. Educational & vocational guidance also can called personal guidance.

Personal guidance may be defined as the assistance offered to the individual to solve his emotional, social, ethical and moral as well as health problems. Thus personal guidance deals with all those problems of life which are not covered under educational and vocational guidance.

Nature of Personal Guidance

The nature of personal guidance can be understood by you, if you keep in mind that personal guidance does not exclude social life of the individual. The following are some basic nature of personal guidance.

  • It is concerned with social and civil activities.
  • It deals with health and physical activities.
  • It helps in worthy use of leisure time & character building activities.

So, in personal guidance, problems of individual and social health, emotional and social adjustments, economic and social relationships etc. have an important place.

Purpose of Personal Guidance

The purpose of personal guidance is to help the individual in his physical, emotional, social, moral and spiritual development and adjustment. The purpose of personal guidance leads to different activities to be organised for example for physical development, play activities of children have to be properly organised, for emotional development children have to be provided with opportunities for self expression. Again the nature and purpose of guidance is also different in different stages of child education.

Need of Personal Guidance

Personal guidance refers to the help given to an individual towards a better adjustment in the development of attitudes and behaviors in all areas of life. It assists the child to adjust with physical and social environment and to solve all the emotional and psychological problems. The personal guidance is needed for the following reasons.

  • Required for personal adjustment
  • Essential for developing individual competence avoiding the interpersonal tensions and conflicts.
  • Setting up a harmonious environment between family life and vocational life of an individual.
  • Taking decisions with regard to personal problems
  • Bringing happiness, peace and satisfaction in the life of an individual.

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