People should always try to live within their means. Aspirations have no limits but one should never forget the ground realities. Elaborate on the basis of the chapter, “The Necklace”.

It is very essential for a person to live a contented life. He should believe in simple living and high thinking. Not everyone is born with a golden spoon in his mouth. With honesty and hardwork we can always achieve our best. A person will never be happy if he keeps craving for what he doesn’t have. In this way, he may ruin even his present. This world is indeed made of materialistic things. But we should never run after that. In this story, Matilda always ran behind her unlimited desires and wants. As a result, she had completely ruined her life. She didn’t care for her loving middle-class husband. But she was running after her fantasies. She always thought beyond her limits. For the minister’s party she could have gone in her simple clothes, but she insisted on buying new dress for four hundred francs which her husband gave her. Then she longed for jewellery, which she borrowed from her friend for the party. She borrowed a diamond necklace and lost it. For repaying the diamond necklace to the friend, she had to sacrifice many years of her life, as well as her husband’s whole income. She should have known that a person’s goodness and character makes one beautiful and not the beautiful dresses and attire.

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