Why does Amanda wish to be a mermaid?

Amanda wishes to be a mermaid so as to overcome the constraints of mannerisms of an adolescent girl in the society. She wants to drift across the sea in solitude without the constant scrutiny imposed on her, just like a mermaid would.

Why does Natalaya quarrel with Lomov?

Natalya quarrels with Lomov over Oxen meadows which she claims it belongs to her family, and that her dog ‘Squeezer’ is superior to Lomov’s dog. Natalya constantly counters Lomov’s claims over the piece of land and refuses to give up in the fight.

As a reader do you identify with Amanda? How?

Amanda’s character can be identified by the reader because we are all stuck in the loop of human life where we need to obey and fulfill social obligations. The burden of such responsibilities are most felt by adolescent girls.

How was Belinda’s behaviour with the dragon?

Belinda was under the impression that her dragon, Custard, was a coward. She laughed at his need to feel safe in a cage. She tickled him mercilessly. However, Belinda’s behaviour with the dragon changed when Custard ate the pirate and saved all of them.

Why did everyone laugh at the realio, trulio dragon?

‘Realio trulio’ means realy and truly. The realio, trulio dragon was huge although passive. But he always wanted security in the form of a safe cage which led others to think that he was a coward and laugh at him.

Why did Viceroy butterfiles copy the Monarchs?

Viceroy butterflies taste good to birds whereas, Monarchs don’t. So the more they look like Monarchs, the less likely it is that Viceroys would become bird’s dinner because the Viceroys protect themselves from the birds by copying the Monarchs.

As Valli, make a diary entry about your experience of riding the bus alone for the first time.

April 27, 2022, Wednesday Dear Diary, Today my long awaited desire to ride a bus was fulfilled. The other passengers inside the bus were initially curious about me travelling alone. All, except the old lady, were very nice. I wonder why the conductor called me ‘Madam’. I stood up on the seat to feel the …

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Why did Chubukov misunderstand the purpose of Lomov’s visit?

The purpose of this play is to indict the extreme materialistic attitude of the Russians. Chubukov misunderstood the purpose of Lomov’s visit due to his formal attire. Lomov also asked for some help which made Chubukov think that he wanted to borrow money.