Our native language is a part of our culture and we are proud of it. How does the presence of village elders in the classroom and Mr. Hamel’s last lesson show their love for French?

The imposition of German language over the French speaking population can’t be justified at all. It is the worst kind of colonialism.

The people of Alsace, particularly the village elders, suddenly realise how precious their language is to them. They come to attend the last class. Students like Franz too are not immune to patriotic feelings. Franz feels sorry for neglecting the learning of French. He hates the idea of German language being imposed on them. He remarks sarcastically: “Will they make them sing in German, even the pigeons?”

Mr. Hamel’s love for French is genuine. The shocking order from Berlin arouses patriotic feelings in him. He loves French as the most beautiful language in the world. He calls it the clearest and the most logical language too. He regrets that the people of Alsace have not paid much heed to the learning of this great language. He asks the people to safeguard it among themselves. It is the key to their unity and freedom.

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