Optimism in one’s attitude helps deal with all the challenges in life. Prove the statement by referring to the character Mr. Lamb from the chapter “On the Face of It”.

Derry was a fourteen year old young boy who suffered from a sense of inferiority complex due to his acid-burnt face. He never accepted himself like that and therefore, he was never able to reconcile himself with his physical disability. He had a poor self-esteem and felt victimized. But, there was a positive change in him when he came in association with Mr. Lamb. He was surprised to notice that Mr. Lamb, despite his physical impairment, was an optimistic and cheerful man. He had a positive bent of mind. He never felt miserable or pitiable. He played with children and always kept the doors and windows of his house open so as to welcome everybody. He was very warm and friendly towards Derry. He told him that he had a weed garden because he felt weeds are also green living plants like others. Why should, then, they be called weeds. He also said that children called him `Lamey lamb’ whenever he went out into the streets, but he didn’t feel bad about it. He, on the other hand, made toffees to give them to the children whenever they met him. Derry was quite impressed with his attitude of ‘waiting, watching, listening’. This provided confidence to Derry and he was a changed personality after meeting Mr. Lamb. Thus, we can say that optimism in one’s attitude helps deal with all the changes in life.

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