What are the obstacles to National Integration?

Following are some obstacles or hindrances coming in the way of promoting National Integration:

1. Communalism

The people like communalist, communal political, socio-cultural organisation are the more threats to the National Integration. They sow seeds of division among the people from various communities. The Hindus may fuel the feelings against Muslims and Muslims may declare ‘Jihad’ against the infidels (non-Muslims). Therefore, only respect for our own community and disrespect for other’s community is the poisonous weapon in the process of National Integration.

2. Casteism

Casteism also prevents the promotion of National Integration. There are thousands of castes and sub-castes in India. There structure and beliefs differ from each other. One caste also have many sub-castes. The people boast of their own caste as superior and criticise other’s caste as inferior and looks down upon the members of other castes. The feeling of lower and upper castes is still prevailing in Indian society and the culprits, they (casteist) exploit the emotions of the people and fuels the public inter-caste riots.

3. Linguism

The multiple language speaking people also have differences of opinion and there could be again linguistic riots. e.g. In 1967 there were linguistic riots as anti-Hindi and anti-English riots. They also prevent the growth of National Integration.

4. Regionalism

Since India has 28 States & 7 Union Territories. There are conflicts of ‘Regionalism’. Due to disparities among these states, the people of one region fights with other for river water disputes, for border issues or due to industrial, economic backwardness. It may result into separatist tendencies and the people at certain region may partition from the Indian territory which can not promote National Integration and instead create obstacles to it.

5. Economic Disparities

There are disparities among the people of various areas regarding per capita income, per capita consumption, Industrial progress, development of infra-structure, rate of urbanisation, production of agriculture, electricity consumption, rate of employment generation etc. The less developed areas goes against the developed one and developed one areas call these as poor and looking them as backward. Therefore, the divisive forces gets an opportunity to spoil the national unity and integration.

6. Anti-Social Elements

There are anti-social elements working in a society which distract the attention of the people from constructive activities to the destructive activities. Mostly we find that the terrorism, gangsterism even smuggling and Narcotics divert the people from patriotism, nationalism and national unity and integration.

7. Lack of Patriotism

The people who do not know the meaning of patriotism in the true sense of the term can become the hindrance to the promotion of national integration. They may be treachorous sometime and sell the top secrets of the nation.

8. Universal Corruption

Due to corruption one may purchase the feelings of the people for money and lead to engage into disruption. This corrupt practices exploits the economy and cultivate differences among the masses. They used to distribute the money among the voters and disturb the law and order situation and even help in spoiling the communal harmony. Corruption has spread to every nook and corner of India. The cases have came to light that riots (communal) are taken place by paying money to the rioters.

9. Communalist and Communal Political Parties

Todays, politics is a caste-based, community based politics. These communalists and political communal parties are exploiting the people’s emotions and explode them to fight among themselves and ruin the national property. This disturbs the National Integration.

10. Role of Minority and Majority

Sometimes role played by the minority that even lived in India, they show their loyalty to their original country & not for where they born and brought up and still are there. eg. Muslims may show their loyalty to Pakistan. Such is the case with Majority which always discriminates minorities and show their allegiance to their own fellow religion people only. This becomes one of the obstacle to National Integration.

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