What are the major obstacles faced by women in politics?

Following are some of the obstacles faced by women in the field of Politics:

1. Male Domination

Male domination mindset is one of the major obstacle for women as politics is regarded as man’s area of interest and caliber. There is a lack of family support or co operation because the political participation is time consuming as one has to attend party meetings, organize workers, gathering mass support for the party by undertaking different activities to promote party requires women to stay out of the house for a long time. In such scenario women face opposition from her family.

2. Role of Political Parties

Many political parties have failed to offer enough representation to women. They are less likely to involve them in party’s organizational bodies. Men are preferred while giving party tickets for contesting elections. At times those tickets are offered to them where party has less chances of victory. After elections, the parties are also not willing to offer key portfolios to women Members of Parliament. Thus political parties also act like a hurdle in women’s active participation in politics.

3. Corruption and Criminalization of Politics

Politics and contesting elections has been a costly affair in recent times. Corruption in elections and sabotaging of electoral booths are the methods adopted by many. Many criminal minded people are entering politics as they have huge chunk of black money. Women are regarded as misfit in such changing trends in politics.

4. Approach of Government Officials

The elected members need to meet government officials in order to fulfill the promises to the electorate. However women representatives often face non cooperation from the government officers due to their biased approaches towards women which causes hurdle in their work and reduces their efficiency.

5. Poverty, Unemployment and Illiteracy

Poverty is the major problem faced by India and women’s condition is even more bad as the unemployment rate is high among women. Many women work in unorganized sector and hence are paid low wages. Literacy rate is also low in case of women as compared to men. Such issues are the major obstacles in her political growth.

6. Psychological Barrier

In general it has been observed that due to all above factors they have low self esteem and lack confidence in themselves. Many women accept that politics is man’s world and they have no role to play in it. The traditional approach of family members as well as their own beliefs stops them from participating in active politics.

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