What is the need and importance of Occupational Information?

Occupational Information is information about job opportunities. It includes information about educational and training facilities, professional institutions, jobs and industrial occupational patterns, newly emerging occupations, employment trends, information relating to the apprenticeship and on the job training, the scholarship and the stipends given and the employment opportunities.

Need of Occupational Information

1. Students need to know about the jobs. It helps in educational and vocational planning. Timely information will enhance the harmony between employment opportunities and the resources of the personnel.

2. The student acquire an image of the occupations and explain the suitability of their tentative decisions.

3. Sometimes the client is to be helped with correct choices when he comes out with one where he has no abilities for it.

4. It is also necessary when the individual cannot decide on his own. Occupational information is necessary in giving the right job to the right person.

5. Knowing the occupational psychology is inadequate if it is not supplemented by the occupational information.

6. Information needs to be revised in the light of radical change taking place in a socio-economic sphere, arrangement of industrial trade and business organization, science and technology.

7. This helps the persons who desire change in their occupations.

8. It is used in psychotherapy when occupation aggravates the solution of the problem.

9. It is useful for recruiting individuals to occupations where there is shortage.

10.Occupational information assists the pupils to make a realistic vocational selection.

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