Need of Globalization

Globalization refers to the extended area of activity and interaction among the nations. It is a new trend in human cognitive structure or disposition. It can be an attitude towards interaction among the nations. This interaction encompasses the mutual interest of the nation towards development especially economic one.

Need of Globalization

In a fast changing human society and development of technologies and wide awareness through quantum of knowledge, it is not so easy to lead a very simple and happy life. There are certain factors which have made us to thinking globally into day’s competitive society. Following are the factors which need our alteration with regard to global perspective in our thinking.

  • Development in modes of transportation and communication and easy interaction with in and without.
  • Development of science and technology and building new physical infrastructures for better production.
  • With the explosion of population, new resources need to be explored to meet the requirement of such a large population. Hence hunting for new sources and modes of development affect the nature of developmental activities.
  • Unemployment especially in third would countries is responsible for brain drain. Professionally qualified people go to other countries for their suitable placement and progress.
  • International trade and marketing in the field of industry, agricultural, technology, textile, minerals, defense, etc. is getting new boom which creates global perspectives.
  • Political alignments and aliveness among the countries make strides to new relationships and adjustments.
  • Security and integrity of a country is an important factor responsible for globalization and international understanding.
  • Environmental related issues and problems to get together and decisions to be taken at international level.
  • Role of mass media and information technology have brought people, nations and countries together and a sense of togetherness has emerged.

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