Why is there a need for communication?

Communication plays a significant role in our lives at all levels. It is, in fact, an integral part or facet of our life. Communication is the only activity which is performed or indulged in all the time, and not occasionally or sporadically.

The list of its benefits is endless. A glance at just a few of them will, however, suffice to underscore the importance and need for effective communication.

Effective communication and success go together, for an individual as well as for an organization. It facilitates human endeavor and enhances all aspects of human life.

Healthy working human relationships are the result of effective communication, as it influences and moulds human thinking, beliefs, frame of mind and value systems. It decides good human behaviour as well as social behaviour. In a way it helps to develop an effective democratic and multicultural society. It will not be an exaggeration to say that our personal, professional and civic lives revolve around communication.

Communication has a definite role to play in business, as a business person spends 75-90% of his work-time in communication, whether it be speaking, reading, writing, or listening. Today, technological development, globalization and team-based organizational structures have given rise to a culturally diverse workforce in an organization. This, again, intensifies the need to communicate effectively. Higher administrative jobs require effective communication to a greater extent. It resolves conflicts between organizational complexity and individual needs. It encourages people to think in new ways. It boosts morale; motivates people; produces greater efficiency, leading to higher productivity; creates a healthy atmosphere, bringing about unity; maintains smooth functioning; promotes the control of factors necessary for successfully achieving the final goal of the organization; and so on. It helps quick decision-making. Reaching the final goal ensuring profitability is possible only with effective communication.

Conversely, inability to communicate effectively will weaken the administration. It will result in problems like miscommunication, low morale, lack of motivation, inefficiency, chaos, lack of control, reduced productivity, lack of unity, and non-achievement of the final goal, and perhaps total failure.

That is why effective communication is a must. Neglecting communication or underestimating its value and importance will take us back to the dark ages and will deprive us of all the latest developments. Good communication is today‘s need. Its absence would make success unattainable.

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