Modes of communication are continuously changing. What are some of these changes? Say which one change you like best and why?

The old adage “time flies” has never been truer than now, in the fleeting and nebulous world of instant communication, where ideas gain currency at breakneck speed and lose it just as quickly, communication is constantly redefining, often from one moment to the next.

‘Man is by nature a social animal’, said the Greek philosopher Aristotle. This attribute made him constantly explore different and more effective ways to communicate with fellow humans. Thus, what may have started as a sign language, gradually transformed into words and sentences, by which one could communicate one’s ideas and thoughts. His endeavour to reach out to the vast multitude of people across the globe, lead him to make inventions like the telephone and the telegraph. These till the twentieth century were powerful and effective means of communication by which he could reach out to people all over the world. They were, however, too slow and cumbersome to meet his unsatisfactory desire.

However, with the advent of the twenty-first century, there came a dramatic and revolutionary change in our mode of communication. The vast multitude of communication satellites and the arrival of computers paved the way for the internet. This provided easy and instant connectivity to communicate with anyone across the globe. The World Wide Web through networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google, reduced the world to a global village, where anyone can communicate his views or seek any information. Besides communicating, one can also visually interact with others, using webcams and microphones. Telephones that used cables have now made way for mobiles. The integration of the internet in mobile is undoubtedly the best change ever to have taken place in the field of telecommunication. This feature in my mobile now enables me to use my dead time (leisure time) to best use. I can now access any information at any time on the net for my project work, find my way about the city, or interact with my friends with just one click, which is really incredible!

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