Mention three things that humans do and animals do not do?

The poet Walt Whitman in his poem ‘Animals’ compares animals to human beings and differentiates between them on the basis of their characteristics.

According to the poet’s perception, animals are ranked much higher than humans. Animals do not complain about their situation and are much happier than humans. Animals live in natural surroundings, they accept nature. Human beings on the other hand, do not accept nature i.e., they complain about it and try to change it leading an unhappy life.

According to the poet, animals possess many qualities which humans don’t. Some of these are calmness, lack of greed and the ability to stay happy and contented among others. Animals never weep for their sins, they never sweat and whine about their condition. They do not make anybody sick discussing their duty to God. Above all, human beings suffer from the mania of possessing things that animals do not.

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