Mention the three phases of the author’s relationship with his grandmother before he left the country to study abroad.

There was a great understanding between the author and his grandmother when they lived in a village but the thread was snapped when they shifted to the city. Their relationship can be divided into three phases:

(a) The first phase was when the author lived with his grandmother in the village after his parents went to the city. Both of them spent maximum time together. His grandmother took great care of him. She helped him in all his chores starting form waking him up in the morning to taking him to school.

(b) The second phase of their relationship began when they shifted to the city. The grandmother did not go with him to school as he went to school in a bus. She could not help him in his studies. Though they both shared the some room, yet the bond of friendship was not the same. She talked less to him and didn’t say anything after the music lessons started. She was disturbed as she felt that music had lewd association.

(c) Then came the third phase of their life when the author went to the university. Both of them didn’t share the same room at this stage. The grandmother accepted her seclusion with resignation.

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