Mention the root cause of conflict between the History teacher and Albert.

Albert Einstein was studying in a school at Munich. During the History period, the teacher wanted his students to learn the facts by heart. But Albert Einstein did not believe in learning facts. So he opposed the teacher. The teacher could do nothing but to feel personally offended whenever Albert raised a point. They had a definite point of conflict. Whenever the teacher asked Albert a question, he would say that he had forgotten it. He also said that learning facts was completely useless. These could be seen in the books. This irritated his teacher Mr. Braun. He attributed to Albert that he was a disgrace as he did not believe in education at all. He asked sarcastically what is meant by the Einstein theory of education. Albert replied that it meant ideas. It infuriated the teacher and he punished Albert for it. Albert did not like the prevailing system of education. To him learning facts was useless as they can be looked in a book up but to know the ideas behind the facts was the real source of knowledge.

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