What are the measures to prevent cast system in India?

We can take measures to control and prevent cast system in India. It is responsibility of those whose ancestors have structured this system, to destroy the caste system. It will be very effective when the doer of injustice does the justice than the victim of injustice to pray for the removal or rebel for the same.

Preventive Measures for Casteism:

1. Rational and Scientific Approach

One should follow the Nationalistic and Scientific approach towards the religions philosophy where the justification of Varna System and subsequent caste system is held. In the true sense of the term, the class who have provided those myths should themselves remove and prove these religious provisions futile.

2. Educational and Cultural Development

The so called lower caste who have for thousands of years tolerated the injustice that is no right to education, no right to property, no right to earn property, no right to hold weapons etc. should be made access to education and cultural development. They should be given at least their human rights. The society should avail them the educational facilities.

3. Humanistic Treatment

The so called lower castes and untouchable and backward classes must be looked up as the human beings and accordingly they must be resorted with humane treatment.

4. Promotion of Secular Feeling

The Society should not follow partial or bias attitude towards the backward castes. Else there should be cultivation of secular feelings among an Indians for their fellow brothers and sisters.

5. Role of Media

Media (Print and Electronic) should promote the programmes which will help the erosion of casteism form among our society. They should organize the discussion of the scholars from all castes and creeds.

6. Contribution of Intelligentsia

The scholars from the various castes and sub-caste should try to discourage the caste system in India. They should not just encourage the issues against Reservation and fuel the feelings of the masses. The concept of the Reservation should be interpreted as ‘Representation of the deprived’, ‘equality of opportunity’, ‘Social Justice’, ‘Equals to be treated equally unequals unequally’ etc.

7. Redistribution of the Country’s Resources and Wealth

When we say-India is my country then I must get my share from the wealth and resources of my country. Otherwise some class of people becomes richest day by day and majority is deprived of the resources. Therefore, if there is a equal distribution of the resources, then no caste group is unsatisfied and casteism can be to some extent prevented.

8. Casteist and Divisive Forces be Nipped in the Bud

The people who belongs to any caste creed, religion, political party are fuelling the casteist tendencies, must be nipped in the bud. They should be immediately imprisoned and ban to be laid on speeches who are promoting castiest feeling and unconstitutional ways.

9. Creating Social Awarness

The young Indians should be made aware that we as Indians should allow inter-dining, inter-marriages. We should create awareness among the future citizens as well as existing citizens about Casteism which has spoiled the image of India in the World.

10. Cultivation of Patriatic Feelings

As casteism is a hindrance to the nationhood there should be feeling of ‘Indian first and the Indian last’. This feeling of patriotism will lay the casteist tendencies to think beyond casteism. All Indians as brothers and sister feeling must be deeply inculcated.

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