What are the measures to control drug addiction?

1. Education

The general public should be made aware about the causes and ill effects of the drug addiction. Also provide the education related preventive measures and curative treatment in public as well as school and colleges.

2. Organizing Youth Centers

Social service organization and NGOs should establish Youth Centers and youngster should be enlightened about the danger of this drug addiction

3. Stringent Action Against Drug Pushers

The government should initiate stringent action against drug pushers such as imprisonment and death sentence because they are destroying the lives of lakhs and cores of young lives. The country like U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia has provided death penalty of drug pushers.

4. Watching for Early Signs of Possible Drug Addiction

Loss of appetite, behavioural changes, withdrawal from family, poor academic/ work performance these are common sign and symptoms usually observe in drug addict. It should be observed addict himself as well as family, friends, well wishers etc and as soon as possible get the person rid of this worst addiction.

5. International Help

On Feb. 24, 1990, UN declared on open war against production, sale, smuggling, and use of narcotics with financial and human resources. It also declared the decade 1990-2000 as a decade against ‘drug pushers’. They also organize many international programmes to intensify war against narcotics.

6. Counselling Centres

They help to reduce drug abuse, improve the person’s ability to perform better and cope with problems in life. Such centres should be established by educational institutes, community centres and NGO’s for those people who are at an risk of drug abuse and who are already drug abusers.

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