What are the measures to control communalism in India?

There are following ways by which communalism could be controlled and even some concrete suggestions are welcomed.

1. Public Awareness

It is our duty to create public awareness about the evil consequences of the communalism. We have inculcated national values, national integrity and solidarity, respect for our national symbols, respect for national songs and national anthem. We also cultivate that constitution is our secular document which alone can bind together the pluralistic Indian Society. Hence, the constitutional provisions to be understood beyond our religious sentiments. The Individual or religious Community must give importance to national interests rather than personal interests.

2. Ban on Communal Political Parties

The political parties which runs the communal politics and exploits the religious emotions of the people for the purpose of votebank should be banned. The social and cultural organizations which also promotes communalism should be disapproved and their leaders be imprisoned. The Election Commission of India immediately should de-recognise those political parties which are bound to encourage the sectarian approaches in a society. The Government of India had banned the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) and recently it has banned SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India).

3. Substitution for Communal and Religious Politics

There should not be the issues pertinent to only single religious community to be raised and sorted out. They are must to be done. But their one should also raise the issues of national importance and development of the nation. It means communal politics should be substituted by the secular politics.

4. Majority-Minority Relations

The people should look at everybody as a citizen of India. The majority community should look at the minority as their brothers and sisters. They should be treated with equality and with due respect. There should be sense of safety & security among the minority community. On the contrary the role of minority community is also very important. They should also have their loyalty to their nation and not towards those nations which have got the majority of their religious community. Then majority will not doubt them and communal riots, violence will be prevented.

5. Removal of Communal Matter from Textbooks

It is inculcated on the minds of the children right from their childhood about their religion. Therefore, the textbook containing bias attitude partial viewpoints about a particular community or religion should be immediately removed and the culprits be punished. There should be secular texts to be added, national values and patriotism to be inculcated through books.

6. Responsibility of NGOs

The NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) should cherish the secular values and hold counseling sessions for promotion of unity in diversity. They should try to throw light on the evil consequences of the violence, riots, destruction on the basis of religious communities. They should enlighten the people about things of national importance instead of sectarian.

7. Contribution of Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutions

The schools and colleges should conduct the programmes to promote communal harmony and peace like street plays, dramas, songs, visiting the worshipping places of all the religions and trying to understand the philosophy of each religion. The college student should organize community programmes and promote secular values, patriotism, national feeling, co-operation, tolerance etc.

8. Role of Media

The electronics and print media should understand their responsibility and avoid such news & views which will encourage the communal riots, violence etc. Instead they should try to pacify the situation, organize and broadcast the discussions of the experts on channels so that people will be made aware of the bad effects of such activities.

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