What are the measures to control Casteism in India?

While the caste system has become an integral part of the Indian society originating in ancient mythology, in keeping with the modern era a scientific approach should be taken in understanding the relevance of this system today.

  1. Casteism just like communalism is an obstacle in achieving national good and hence awareness must be raised among people about it’s peril. One should promote the notions of secularism and nationalism as principle higher than casteism.
  2. Both print and electronic media should conduct programmes and arrange for discussions among scholars widely emphasizing the divisive influence of casteism on society.
  3. Scholars from different castes should enable better understanding among the masses about the concept of reservation as a positive discrimination for creating equality in opportunities for the downtrodden that have been oppressed for centuries.
  4. Policymakers must work towards a more equitable distribution of wealth to overcome economic disparities among castes.
  5. Intercaste-marriages and increased social interactions among people of different caste should be encouraged and accepted. The youth can take the responsibility to raise social awareness about how a well-assimilated society is a better off society.
  6. Casteist forces adhered to political parties or any other groups fuelling tension should be identified and banned immediately.
  7. The scars left on the hitherto ‘untouchables’ or backward castes can only be healed with humane and compassionate treatment being meted out.
  8. Access to a well-rounded education and equal entitlement to all the fundamental rights so also cultural development are the only way to give social justice to members of the lower castes.

The caste system needs to be gradually phased out for the creation of a more equal and just society but serves far too many vested interests in our country to be removed completely.

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