What is Marketing Information System (MIS)?

Marketing managers has to face day to day marketing problems and they has to solve these problems, but due to inadequate information they can not tackle the marketing problems in proper way so, there is a requirement of a system which can provide factual and accurate information to these marks managers as and when needed, and these managers can solve the marketing problems efficiently. Thus the system of gathering, collecting and storing information about marketing factors of called as marketing information system, now days all business requires this system for development and innovation of their products. Major marketing problems are of two types:

  1. They arise at irregular intervals and there for decisions on them are not made so frequently.
  2. They have important consequences that must be line with for a long time, as decision made once will be difficult to change.

Decision on some important issues such as introduction of new product, entering into new markets, changing the structure of sales organizations and distribution channels, deterring the type at marketing and advertising etc, required to be considered by making proper analysis of relevant information as the business success is depends on the decision taken on these issues. The role of marketing information system is to analyses the needs of the managers, develop the information and distribute that information at the appropriate time. The information can be collected through company record marketing research.

Marketing information includes data in terms of facts, opinions, views, guidelines, policies which are necessary to make important marketing decision. The data can be collected from customers, salesman, dealers, Competitors Company, agents government and other staff.


According to Philip Kotler, “A marketing information system consist of people, equipment and procedures to gather, sort, analyses, evaluate and distribute needed, timely and accurate information to marketing decision makers.”

William Stanton defines MIS as, “Marketing information system is an ongoing organised set of produces and methods designed to generate, analyses, disseminate, store and retrieve information for use in making marketing decisions.

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