What is Educational Guidance?

The most important to various types of guidance is Educational Guidance. Educational Guidance is directly concerned with the pupil. In the students life, this guidance is very important. The chief aim of educational guidance is to develop the ability of co-ordinating with the school environment in the pupils to create necessary awareness and sensitivity, so that they may select themselves proper learning objectives, devices and situations.

Students often encounter difficulties in understanding what is taught in the classroom, laboratories and workshops. Expected change in behavior is not fully achieved. Failures in examinations and tests, poor standards of assignments, unsatisfactory involvement in the academic work by students are some of the often noticed problems. The problems need to be solved to the maximum extent by assisting them.

According to Jones, “Educational Guidance is concerned with assistance to be provided to the pupils which is expected for their adjustments in the schools, selection of curricula and school life.”

It is also defined as a conscious growth of individual. This has to do with knowing his interest, selection of his subjects, form of his study habits and making his progress in those subjects and activities and passing the examination.

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