Martin Luther Remarked, ‘Printing Is the Ultimate Gift of God and the Greatest One.’ Explain His Remarks in the Light of Religious Reforms That Took Place in Europe.

Martin Luther was a religious reformer. He wrote 95 theses in the year 1517 against the practices and rituals of the Roman Catholic Church.

This action of Martin Luther led to the division within the church and marked the beginning of the Protestants reformers. Luther said that the ‘printing is the ultimate gift of god and the greatest one’ because 5000 copies of his translated New Testament were sold within few weeks and also the 2nd edition came in the market in three months only.

Menocchio was a miller in Italy who interpreted the message of Bible. The Roman Catholic Church was enraged due to his view of god and creation.

The Roman Catholic Church started identifying such ideas, beliefs and persons who wrote against the church and thus Menocchio was hauled up twice and finally executed. Several restrictions were put over the publishers and the booksellers by the church and also the church ordered them to follow the Index of Prohibited Books from 1558.

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