What are the major causes of Smoking?

The following are the major causes of smoking :

1. Curiosity

Many teenagers have the curiosity to smoke at least one cigarette in their life. They start with one and ultimately they end with being a chain smoker.

2. Sense of Relaxation

The smokers claim that smoking gives them a sense of relaxation, helps them to concentrate and gives them relief when they suffer from tension or when they are in acute pressure.

3. Advertising

The advertisings on television presents smoking as glamorous, sophisticated and symbol of a macho man. It appeals to the young people’s need to be adventurous and independent.

4. Movies and Serials

The movies and the television serials have a considerable impact on the teenagers. Many movie and television actors are shown smoking cigarette in style. This style is copied by the teenagers and this leads to addiction.

5. Parental Influence

Parents are like a role model for children. Parents who smoke motivate their children to smoke. Childrens of smokers, due to passive smoking are exposed to so much nicotine over the years that it makes them an addict.

6. Peer Pressure

The Peers of a person means friends of the same age group. The pressure exerted by the peers who smoke is too hard to ignore for any person. If the friends of a person have the habit of smoking then naturally that person will succumb to it to become one with the group.

7. Social Factors

Social use of cigarettes at parties, functions and other such gatherings, easy accessibility of cigarettes and social approval of the habit of smoking are all responsible for addiction to smoking.

8. Increase Creativity

The smokers feel that they are able to think in a better way if they smoke. Their creativity reaches a new high if they smoke. Hence many writers, artists start smoking just to make their mood.

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