List the Problems Caused Due to Indiscriminate Use of Resources by Human Beings.

Resources are essential for human survival. Initially, people believed that the resources are the free gift of nature. Therefore, they continuously exhausted the resources available in the environment without taking any preventive measures. As a matter of fact, they faced economic, social and ecological problems.

The major problems that cropped up due to over-exploitation, irrational consumption and indiscriminate use of resources are :

Exhaustion of resources: Due to over exploitation and irrational consumption, the resources exhausted at a rapid pace leaving very little or nothing for the future generation.

Concentration of resources: Concentration of resources in a few hands is also a major issue. The people with the maximum resources will use them for their own benefits leaving others empty handed. This will create a situation of have and have nots. This situation of have and have nots is unfavourable for the growth of the country as a whole.

Global ecological crisis: Global warming, depletion of ozone layer, population and land degradation are global ecological crises. This crisis situation is also an after effect of irrational or over utilisation of resources.

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