Lencho seemed to be an impulsive man who felt suddenly elated at the rainfall and later became sad to see the destruction which the rain had caused. Did he lack tolerance? Did he not have the courage to face the challenges of life? Elucidate it discussing the values one must possess to face any type of situation in about 100-120 words.

Lencho was a hard working farmer. He had grown corn in his field and was anxiously hoping for a good rain. He was very happy to see the rain, but he became despaired on seeing the destroyed crop in his field by the storm. No doubt, he had tolerance and the courage to face the challenges in his life. He had a very firm and deep faith in God and after the destruction of his field, he was still hopeful that everything will be all right. Although Lencho was a very strong man and worked hard in his fields, but his firm faith in God made him write a letter to God. And the tolerance in him only kept him waiting for the reply. He asked for hundred Pesos from God and was confident of receiving the amount. He accepted seventy pesos and again faced the situation by writing a second letter, demanding for the rest of the thirty pesos. His faith in God was not shaken. He tackled the situation bravely. In the same way we should face all situations courageously, we should be tolerant and never loose faith in God.

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