Laws are never respected nor enforced in India.

This is indeed a sad truth. Had the laws been respected or enforced in India, it could have been a heaven on earth. Take for example the laws made for the protection of the environment. The State is legally and constitutionally supposed to improve the environment and safeguard the forests and wildlife of the country. However the truth is that the environment is being constantly polluted and the wildlife destroyed. Again our constitution says that casteism, untouchability and. bonded labour shall be abolished but they flourish shamelessly even after fifty five years after the operation of the constitution. The large areas of land officially designated as forest land are almost treeless. This can be seen in almost every aspect of the country’s life. Dowry is prohibited by law but one can see people openly demanding, offering and accepting dowry. These and many other such things have made the masses lose the fear of law.

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