Justify the title ‘The Proposal’.

The title of the play ‘The Proposal’ is very appropriate. A young man, Lomov wants to propose to Natalya for marriage. He goes to her house for the same. Being confused, he doesn’t propose at once. He beats about the bush. He speaks irrelevantly. As Natalya doesn’t know that he has come to propose to her, she thinks that he has come to Claim Oxen meadows as his own, she starts quarrelling.

This results in one after another quarrel. After her father Chubukov reconciles; Natalya comes to know that he has come to propose to her. Then at once, she forgets the issue of fighting. Then the proposal is made and accepted. Finally, they get engaged.

The major theme that revolves is the cold approach of marriage in the nineteenth century in Russia which was very common. Also such an approach was common in wealthy families like Lomov and Natalya. They both are money driven and wanted to get married desperately for their economic security.

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