Justify the title ‘The Book that Saved the Earth’.

Martians planned to attack the earth. The ruler of Mars, Think Tank instructed one of his Martians-Noodle to gather information about the Earth. He saw that the other three crew members—Captain Omega, Lieutenant Iota and Sergeant Oop found some books in Centerville Public Library. A book named ‘Mother Goose’ contained nursery rhymes. Omega managed to read some nursery rhymes like ‘Mistress Mary’, ‘Humpty-Dumpty’, etc. Think Tank misinterpreted the rhymes. He was shocked to discover that metals could be grown in fields. He also thought that earthlings are intelligent enough in warfare and have advanced technology to grow high exposures. On seeing the image of Humpty-Dumpty, he thought its head resembled that of his own. He feared invasion on Mars by earthlings. So he decided to migrate to Alpha Centauri, one hundred million miles away from Mars. The Martians fear the book to date. Hence, we can say that the title ‘The Book that Saved the Earth’ is apt. The book of the Nursery Rhymes proved to be a most trustworthy friend. It not only saved us and our planet earth but also acted as a good friend to tiny children and entertained them in its fantasy and delighted them.

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