Is drama a good medium for conveying a social message? Discuss.

Drama is essentially a good medium for conveying a social message. Being an audio-visual medium of communication, it conveys its message effectively and forcefully. Though the play caricatures the issue it raises, the issue is authentic. The issue it raises is the problems faced by a housewife in a middle-class family. She looks after and waits on her family all the time and takes their orders as if she were a servant in the house. She stays at home every night waiting for them while they go out enjoying themselves. She suffers in silence and never expresses her .resentment lest it should create unpleasantness in the family. The resolution of her problem offered in the play amounts to caricature of the issue. Her problem cannot be solved by mere change of personality. However, the message of the play is loud and clear. Drama stages the actions and situations, when a person watches, imagines himself in those shoes and realizes because a wearer only best knows where the shoe pinches.

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