Write a short note on India and SAARC.

India is aware of its central position in SAARC and that any wrong move on its part might affect the progress of SAARC. So initially India adopted a cautious approach and let the smaller countries accept and digest the idea of SAARC. It is in India’s interest that her neighbours cooperate for joint benefits than individually suffer due to political mistrust. India has taken soft or magnanimous stand on various occasions for the sake of SAARC. Indo-Pak relations has been the greatest stumbling block, but it has not let it affect SAARC. Since birth SAARC has progressed steadily and cautiously. It has neither achieved very substantial success nor failed miserably. There are hindrances which haunt SAARC. But member nations are conscious of the greater benefits of joint endevours and know that they can survive together or perish separately. So SAARC will function like a toddler till political atmosphere is cleared of all suspicions and mistrust.

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