In what way does Gonzalo stand out from the rest of the characters? What does he say to calm the others?

Though Gonzalo, the old courtier, is frightened, he alleviates the fear due to the situation by saying that the boatswain is not likely to be drowned because he is destined to be hanged. Since he is not to be drowned, with him aboard, the ship will not sink. Though fearful, he maintains the balance of mind and makes witty and humourous remarks. He says that he is prepared to give a thousand furlongs of sea in exchange for one acre of dry land. But ultimately he leaves everything to the will of God. He tells other lords to join the King and the prince in prayers. Alonso, the King of Naples, prays to God for survival. Sebastian loses his patience and asks Antonio to accompany him to the King to bid farewell to him. Antonio blames the sailors and says that they are going to die because of these drunken men. Thus, we find that all the royal passengers are nervous, fearful and panicky.

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