In the lesson ‘A Letter to God’, what moral values does the postmaster display in his behaviour?

The Postmaster first laughed looking at the letter which had a strange address. But soon he became serious. He was surprised at the faith that Lencho had in God. He wanted his faith to be intact in God. The Postmaster was a kind and compassionate fellow. He tried to keep Lencho’s faith in God intact by collecting the amount for him. He was an empathetic and softhearted fellow who cared for Lencho. He displayed good leadership qualities by asking each Post office employee to contribute to his extent. The Postmaster himself gave a part of his salary and also requested his employees and a few friends to contribute for the good cause as a charity. He encouraged to perceive others in a more positive light. He was a man who fostered a sense of community building and spreaded positivity which helps in creating a healthy society.

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