In one’s approach to life one should be practical and not live in a world of dreams. How is Jansie’s attitude different from that of Sophie?

Sophie and Jansie are classmates and friends. They belong to lower middle-class families. Jansie thinks that they both are earmarked for biscuit factory. While Jansie seems to have no unrealistic dreams, her friend, Sophie, is a daydreamer. She wants to own a boutique when she grows up. Jansie, who is practical and a realistic person, reminds Sophie that it takes a lot of money to own a boutique. Sophie, on the other hand, is fickle minded. She says that she will get a high paying job of a manager or become an actress because they get paid a lot. Sophie shares her dream of becoming an actress, designer, boutique owner with her friend Jansie, which only saddens her. A worldly-wise Jansie warns Sophie against such far-fetched and unachievable dreams and is content with her reality, whereas Sophie wants to escape hers and find contentment outside, in a world, which is full of mystery and adventure. Sophie’s adolescent fantasising about having a grand and promising future and hero-worship of Danny Casey stands in total contrast to Jansie’s groundedness and practical temperament.

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