In marriage one expects complete trust and cooperation between husband and wife. How did Hana help Dr. Sadao when he was in trouble?

Answer: As a doctor, it was Dr. Sadao’s moral responsibility to save Tom, the American prisoner of war, but Hana was under no such compulsion. In spite of this, she abided by her husband’s decisions because she was a dutiful wife who pledged to support her husband even through the most difficult times.

Secondly, Hana being a woman, was soft–hearted. She could not see a wounded person being left in the lurch. As a woman, she adorned the role of a life–giver and a preserver. She could not have been a destroyer. That is why she cleaned the prisoner when her maid was unwilling to do so. She also assisted her husband in the operation on the American, despite the fact that she could not stand the blood, and started vomiting when she saw it. She was thus a dutiful wife and life–giver.

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