In India, we believe in prayers. Whenever we are faced with a problem, we pray to God. A son of a priest at Udipi, while going to school, prayed at the temple for a pair of shoes. Thirty years later, we find his son well dressed in a school uniform. What has brought about this change—the father’s prayer or the father having gone to school or both? Give a reasonable answer.

It was indeed the fact that the father had gone to school and received education because of which his son was wearing a school uniform. Education gave him opportunities to improve the quality of not only his life but also of his family and children. Prayers alone cannot help us. We have to put in our efforts to make things better. The father while going to school not only prayed for school shoes but must have also made efforts to get himself educated. The result was that he was able to get for his son whatever he could not have for himself.

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