What is the importance of the study of sociology in India?

Study of sociology is very important for India. It is because we are a developing society and our rulers in the past not only tried to solve our social problems but also allowed these to get deep rooted.

The sociologists in India can help us in understanding deep rooted cause of casteism and regionalism, which today pose a great threat to our social, economic and political system. They can also tell us to why really untouchability is not getting rooted out and corruption at all levels in our society is on the increase

Again sociologists in India can play a significant role in our national and emotional integration by identifying the areas where such integration can easily be possible. This can be done with the help of scientific study of customs and traditions. The sociologist can also help in knowing why efforts made so far to raise the living standard of weaker sections of society have failed. In fact in our society the sociologists can play a big role because it is passing through very difficult stages of social transition and when it on the cross roads, the sociologists alone can provide proper direction and give proper lead. As already pointed out task becomes difficult because our society is full of diversities and neither problems of all sections of society are same nor solution can be uniform.

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