What is the importance of jingles in advertising?

Jingles are catchy little tunes which we pick up and hum quite unconsciously most of the times, like a refrain registered in our brain which refuses to go away. Jingles make possible the association of memorable phrases with the product or with the company.

A jingle with its repeat phrases has a far higher recall value than the visuals do. The signature tunes immediately conjure up their products. The music catches the attention of children and teenagers. It is important to know the target audience while composing a jingle. It is difficult to make a commercial jingle which appeals across audiences and audience segments. The mood briefs are generally given to the jingle singer by the Agency. They tell whether a tune should be ‘peppy’ or ‘romantic’ or ‘joyous’. They also give a profile of the target audience.

Jingle composing singing and making it work for the product is a highly creative art. Jingle composing involves co-ordination with client, composer, musician, singer etc. Some brands like Titans, Airtel and Raymond have stuck to signature tunes rather than jingles to retain a continuity of association.

It is difficult to imagine an Indian ad without a jingle. The music lingers with audience for long. With an output of 1000 ad films for television and several hundred radio spots, Mumbai remains the centre of the jingle bells.

Importance of Jingles in Advertisement

The music appeal can be widely used for most of the product or service type. The Music Appeal is especially useful when advertiser want to make the product or service seem lively or exciting and want to integrate a jingle or song that will make audience feel happy and upbeat.

  1. It enables to remember advertisement for long period of time.
  2. It easily attracts attention of audience towards ad message.
  3. It helps to create brand image in the minds of target audience.
  4. It makes ad more entertaining so that audience can pay attention towards it.
  5. It can help to differentiate brand from competitor.

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